OU ADV OverUsed Ladder Achievements

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Claiming bronze.

Not really a big achievement, but I started competitive pokemon about a month ago, so I'm pretty happy with it.
I tried a few different teams, but edens sample special offense team really clicked with me. Feels quite a bit like the tempo decks I tend to like in TCGs, and facilitates the sorts of mindgames I like in fighting games (which is my main genre). Very good fit for me, and very fun.
Now to go learn other teams, and even build a few myself. I'm having a blast learning the game right now, so maybe I'll get a few other of the achievements along the way :3
Claiming Bronze for Tactics Achievement.
Wasn't aiming for this but had a good run with a team I was testing.

Edit: doesn't look like this has been updated yet so going to edit this post rather than make another post.
Also claiming Silver Ability Achievement.


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Gold Brave and Platinum Knowledge. Will repost for Platinum Ability when confidence interval is lower.
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